Looking to Switch Your Medigap Policy

You may find that the Medical Supplement Plan you chose is not longer right for you and want to make a switch. Perhaps you realized that you’re paying for certain benefits you don’t need or that you need even more benefits than you previously thought. Or, maybe you’re happy with the benefits provided under your current policy but you want to change insurers or find a policy that is less expensive. Can you change your Medigap policy?

Under Federal law generally in order to change your Medigap policy, you must be eligible under a specific circumstance or guaranteed issue rights, or you must be within your six-month Medigap open enrollment period. You don’t have to wait a certain length of time after buying your first Medigap policy before you can switch to a different Medigap policy.

Our staff at Omaha Insurance Solutions can go through the various situations under which you may want to switch plans and what is possible and how the process works. We can help you choose the policy that is right for you and assist you in cancelling your current policy if you’re eligible to change. You have 30-day free look period to decide if you want to keep the new Medigap policy, which begins when you get your new Medigap policy. You’ll need to pay both premiums for one month.

Everyone Is Unique.

The right Medicare plan is the one with which you’re most comfortable. We’ll help you make this important choice by reviewing all the details of each plan with you. To speak with a licensed independent agent, give us a call at Omaha Insurance Solutions at 402-614-3389 TTY 711.