Medicare Advantage for Omaha-Lincoln Metro Residents

You may find that your Original Medicare benefits are lacking but can’t afford a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan to close your out-of-pocket expenses. There is another choice available for you. It’s Medicare Advantage (Part C Plans), and at Omaha Insurance Solutions we can help you choose the right plan for you.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private health insurers and provide Medicare Part A and Part B coverage (hospital and medical benefits). You’ll receive everything that Original Medicare covers, including emergency and urgent care. But how much you pay out of your own pocket when you receive health care can differ. For instance, you may have lower copayments and coinsurance or a smaller deductible.

In addition, there may be differences in the coverage you receive. Some Medicare Advantage plans include routine vision, routine dental, and/or wellness programs. Many plans also include prescription drug coverage called Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans. Note that hospice care is covered by Original Medicare, and hospice benefits continue to be covered by Original Medicare even if you have a Medicare Advantage plan.

Please be aware that you must remain enrolled in Original Medicare even if you add a Medicare Advantage plan, and continue to pay your Medicare Part B premiums. However, if you join a Medicare Advantage plan, you won’t need and can’t be sold a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.

Everyone Is Unique.

The right Medicare plan is the one with which you’re most comfortable. We’ll help you make this important choice by reviewing all the details of each plan with you. To speak with a licensed independent agent, give us a call at Omaha Insurance Solutions at 402-614-3389 TTY 711.