At Omaha Insurance Solutions, We Get Personal About Your Healthcare

We know how important it is to choose the right healthcare and take the time to explain the various plans available on the market to you. We specialize in serving individuals and families in the Omaha-Lincoln Metro area and have built a reputation of trust and integrity among our clientele.

People come to Omaha Insurance Solutions to get the straight facts about healthcare coverage so they can make smart, informed decisions. We understand that it’s not matter of making a simple phone call or getting an on-line quote to get properly covered. It involves getting to know you and learning about your health and how you want to manage it and the extent of the risk you want to assume. It also involves careful thought and discussion with a knowledgeable professional to help explain complex issues in order to make the right choice.

We help clients with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Prescription Drug Plans to secure coverage that fits your personal needs. We have access to many insurance carriers that offer a variety of plans and will break down how each is structured, the benefits provided, and your out-of-pocket costs along with the pros and cons of each plan. Moreover, each year we will assess whether the healthcare plan you have is still addressing your needs. Have costs gone up? Should you look at a different option that is better suited to your situation? We’ll help you decide this.

At Omaha Insurance Solutions, we also can help you with your life insurance needs and other healthcare benefits such as vision and dental insurance. In addition, for those of you who are far from your retiring years, we work with a number of insurers that provide a portfolio of health insurance plans from which to select.

We’re here for you to answer your questions, help with claims, and make sure your plan is right year after year. Our relentless focus is on you – our customer.

Plan for Tomorrow Today.

We understand that finding the right balance of price and benefits is important to you and will work with you to find a sound health insurance solution. To speak with a licensed independent agent, call Omaha Insurance Solutions at 402-614-3389.